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Pervert Pete IS BACK FOREVER on Omegle and his own website that will NEVER BE SHUT DOWN! All the classics are there, plus UNCENSORED, UNCUT and RAW VIDEOS are all there! The Pervert Pete Show will be back as a weekly podcast too, with every other week being live! YouTube might be bitching out to snowflakes, but you can’t shut down Pervert Pete and his website that will be up FOREVER! ALL NEW VIDEOS, ALL NEW PODCASTS, NEW OMEGLE VIDEOS, NEW GAMING VIDEOS & ALL NEW VIDEOS FOREVER! #FuckYouTube and the #Adpocalypse was the greatest thing that ever happened to Pervert Pete cuz now, there is no fear since Pervert Pete owns his website and can post ANYTHING FOREVER!

I also want to thank ALL OF YOUS who have supported me throughout the years. I’ve made some great friends, great fans and great people and I love you all in a non gay way!

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Always feel free to let me know what you think in the comments! I ALWAYS try to respond to as many people as possible! Been doing that since I had my original channel, thats how I roll & I LOVE YOU ALL! #PervertPete 😉

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