I Broke The Website

GaryGabagool July 27, 2019 358 No Comments


So I accidentally deleted the whole Pervert Pete website. I have 5 different sites that I have on my server and while I was dealing with something in the file manager, I noticed the Pervert Pete folder wasnt there. Turns out, I deleted EVERY SINGLE FILE there was. Months of work, down the drain in an instant.

But on the bright side, it allows me to fix my mistakes and trust me there was a lot of them lol. First, I can tone down the sex ads. Sure, they were making me some money, but not enough to retire on so it makes more sense to tone that shit down a little but. It doesnt mean the uncensored videos are going away. THOSE ARE THE CENTERPIECE of this site.

Second, it allows me to clean up the look and feel of the site. The original one felt heavy to me. Now, I can clean it up so its lighter and easier to navigate.

Third, I can make it lighter, in terms of memory. Originally, I uploaded EVERY SINGLE VIDEO to the server, which made it expensive for me to have AND it made it memory heavy, which was bad for you, me and everyone involved lol. So now, I can post the classic Pervert Pete videos on The Pervert Pete Show YouTube Channel and have them host those, while this site can host the Uncensored Videos. That way, memory is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down.

But thats basically it. Hopefully I can knock this project out in a few weeks and then go back to my other projects, which are many. Now I must get back to fixing this site.

Thanks for all your support and keeping me going. Without you peeps, I wouldnt be doing ANY OF THIS 🙂

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