New Pervert Pete Facebook Page

Pervert Pete September 28, 2019 255 No Comments


Pervert Pete is BACK on Facebook so be sure to LIKE his Facebook Page follow him so you can see all Pervert Pete news & updates!

Church Of Sookie RELAUNCH

GaryGabagool August 24, 2019 269 No Comments


    Here’s the full story on why I had to relaunch this website for Pervert Pete! Its not a long story or even an interesting one, but its a story non the less. I do hope you like the redesign of the site at least. It feels more clean and organized now to me,... Read more »

I Broke The Website

GaryGabagool July 27, 2019 357 No Comments


So I accidentally deleted the whole Pervert Pete website. I have 5 different sites that I have on my server and while I was dealing with something in the file manager, I noticed the Pervert Pete folder wasnt there. Turns out, I deleted EVERY SINGLE FILE there was. Months of work, down the drain in... Read more »