Thanksgiving Like A Mother Fucker

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Today is Thanksgiving, so gobble gobble bitches. I think for most news, I’ll be making videos for them and just spitting that shit, cuz I hate typing. But for times like this, I cant shoot, typing is sufficient. Why am I even wasting my time doing this right now? I don’t know, its like a little journal Im keeping as I update the site before launch.

And right now, we are right on schedule I’d say. The meat of the site (Exclusive Videos & Latest News) are all set and made to be easy to post to. Discord link, Member Signup, and ads are all set up also.

Become A Member

As you see above, becoming a member will get you special perks, ALL FOR FREE! You’ll get listed as a member on the Member Page, special Discord Privileges and much more to come! Im thinking of making a ‘Members Only’ area, but that might be a pain and anyways, what would be there? If you peeps have any ideas, Im open to them! Im more than happy to use your suggestions!

Also, anyone that is wanting to help in anyway, feel free to email me:


I’d say thats all for now on this gobble gooble nut gobble day. I have to go out to eat now with the fam. We going to the Chinese buffet, cuz we don’t do that turkey shit. j/k, tomorrow we making a turkey and all that shit, I just like to be different on NOT do it on Thanksgiving day cuz Im a bad ass 😉

Bad Ass