C.O.S. January Exclusive Releases

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I hate YouTube and the whole YouTube process. It turns ‘YouTubers’ into ungenuine, phony, lying pieces of dicksucking shit (i.e. Deji, KeemStar, every member of FaZe, 99% of pranksters & vloggers) and the list goes on. Point being, they have to keep everything eye popping, falsely exciting, ungenuine as fuck just to keep the drones of ‘fans’ interested in their garbage. They will NEVER tell you whats coming soon, unless its a teaser of some sort or some bullshit. Im just sick of YouTube and it really has nothing to do with this, so I digress….

So here is whats coming for this first month of our launch:

Original UNCENSORED Version Of My First Omegle Boobs Video

ORIGINAL UNCENSORED Version Of: Girl Shows Boobs To Pervert Pete On Omegle

I actually just found this! I thought it was lost forever, but I found it on a porn site I posted it to years ago lmao! This is the video that originally got my channel off the ground, even though I had to censor the boobs and I chose to censor the girls faces, but now I figure, if they are dumb enough to show their faces as they show their boobs, they shouldnt have a problem with their faces being shown. If anything, its a life lesson for the tricks. NEVER show your boobs and face on cam if you dont want them out there. So since they showed their faces, I have to assume its no big deal to them and/or they live in a country that isn’t pussified like America is when it comes to boobs.

Uncensored Versions Of ALL Hentai Or Die Gaming Series


Since YouTube is the faggy version of everything that is the internet, I had to censor all the tits and ass on my YouTube videos of the Hentai Or Die series. I will begin this coming month to start and get the uncensored version on here. So look for that anime ass in the next few weeks 😉

There could be even more this coming month, as I have a ton of stuff to get to for here. As you might know already for February we will have:

Pervert Pete:The Movie

Pervert Pete: The Movie

It will be available here on Church Of Sookie sometime in February, specific date is unknown BUT, you can see it this month if you become one of my Patreon Patrons as they will be the first to see it this month! But if you dont want to support me through Patreon, you can watch it for FREE RIGHT HERE on Church Of Sookie!

More to come, so be sure to check back often and follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to be notified of all NEW EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS & POSTS! And also, don’t forget to Join Church Of Sookie to get your name listed on the Members Page and for special perks!

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