Church Of Sookie RELAUNCH

GaryGabagool August 24, 2019 6 No Comments


    Here’s the full story on why I had to relaunch this website for Pervert Pete! Its not a long story or even an interesting one, but its a story non the less. I do hope you like the redesign of the site at least. It feels more clean and organized now to me,... Read more »

I Broke The Website

GaryGabagool July 27, 2019 109 No Comments


So I accidentally deleted the whole Pervert Pete website. I have 5 different sites that I have on my server and while I was dealing with something in the file manager, I noticed the Pervert Pete folder wasnt there. Turns out, I deleted EVERY SINGLE FILE there was. Months of work, down the drain in... Read more »